Thursday, January 29, 2009

Californians May Need Payday Loans | Governor Declares Emergency

Unpaid vacation beats unemployment

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 24:  California Gov. Arnol...

Even Rambo can't save California from its $42 billion deficit.

Government workers in California might find themselves needing payday loans if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is allowed to force them to take off two unpaid days per month. However, if the governor does not get his way, he warns, the results will be far worse.

Schwarzenegger says that without the furloughs, he will be forced to lay off government employees instead. State employee unions are saying Schwarzenegger doesn’t have the authority to mandate the unpaid leave. Some union. I’m sure, given the choice, that most state workers would chose having a slightly lower salary above having no job at all. As long as you’re still getting a paycheck, payday loans can help if funding gets tight.

Banking on a bailout

Earlier this month Schwarzenegger said that California was in a “state of emergency” because of its $42 billion budget deficit. Fortunately for Schwarzenegger, and Californians in general, help might just be on the way. About two-thirds of the $819 billion economic stimulus package will go to aiding states. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Californians May Need Payday Loans | Governor Declares Emergency"

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