Tuesday, February 17, 2009

$787 billion economic stimulus Payday Loan in hand and he's off!

I've got a Payday Loan in my hands and I'm off!

the 44th President of the United States...Barack Obama

Concress approves Stimulus Package

I'm not waiting for anyone – I'm doing this one on my own. The only man with a giant sized Payday Loan in his hands at the moment is President Obama. When he says he's off, he means he's going to sprint out there into the wilderness to find the source of this economic chaos and he going to fix it. Nice going Mr. President. We're all behind you.

On Friday Congress approved a $787 billion economic stimulus measure, meeting the deadline that the Democrats had set for adopting President Obama's agenda. Not one House Republican voted for the bill. What did they have in mind?

Here comes the fix

The bill includes fixing:

  • unemployment benefits
  • health care subsidies,
  • more than $100 billion in aid for states.

According to the planning, more than 74 percent of the money will be spent within the next 18 months, a relatively rapid pace that could determine whether the plan succeeds.

This means spending about 10.6 million dollars a day. Even the little lady around this house would find that a challenge. Steve Ballmer, chairman of Microsoft sent a gift to the committee chairmen of chocolate bars and on the label is a picture of the Capital and the words, "A stimulus package we can all sink our teeth into." Good thinking from Microsoft – chocolate works everywhere. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "$787 billion economic stimulus Payday Loan in hand and he's off!"

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