Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bankrate’s 2009 Tax Guide

It’s tax season! I’m a little lategetting around to my own taxes this year — I’ve had other things to worry about. One of my goals for this weekend is to begin rounding up all of the necessary documents. And, as usual, one of my first stops for information will be the Bankrate Tax Guide. Every year, they offer the following resources:

  • Tax calendar — “April 15 isn’t the only important day for taxes. Our tax calendar provides you with many others to circle.”
  • Daily tax tip — “The daily tax tip plus an array of tax tools, terms and training will help you through filing and beyond.”
  • Filing and refunds — “Get it done right the first time with this advice on free filing, e-filing, documentation and refunds.”
  • Forms and charts — “Search here for all the new tax rates, exemption and deduction amounts, plus estate and gift tax exclusions.”
  • Realty/capital gains — “Home, sweet home. Your home is likely your biggest investment and it affords you some great tax breaks to boot.”
  • Family — “You care for your children and dependents all year. At tax time Uncle Sam may take care of you.”
  • Work — “Take advantage of benefits at work and you may find your job even more rewarding at tax time.”
  • Investments — “Investing wisely is a critical part of your wealth-building strategy. Keeping it away from the IRS should be another.”
  • Education — “Take some of the sting out of the ever-increasing cost of college by applying these tax-favored options.”
  • Retirement — “Whether you’re self-employed or work for others, many tax-advantaged retirement vehicles are at your disposal.”
  • Philanthropy — “Even the IRS has a heart. Giving to charity can be a wise tax move, as long as you follow the rules.”
  • Calculators — “We’ve added 11 new tax calculators to help make your tax preparations easier than ever!”
  • Videos — “Bankrate helps you picture how to get the most out of your tax filing.”

Get Rich Slowly doesn’t have a huge body of tax information. Still, there are a few useful articles kicking around in the archives:

Have you started your taxes yet? Already filed? (Already received a refund?!) Are there tax subjects you’d like to see covered at Get Rich Slowly? Great resources you’ve found on the web? Tax stuff usually bores me, but I’m willing to write about the things that you find useful.

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