Friday, February 13, 2009

Choose carefully: refinancing, buying a home, using a payday loan

The silver lining

Fountain of Light
The Silver Lining

Choose carefully, if you are taking advantage of the silver lining of the bad economy, whether refinancing or buying a home, or even when using Payday Loans.

When times were plentiful, we built.

The businesses and edifices that we built in the times of plenty were wonderful and we had great fun making them. We built them to last a thousand years. We trained engineers and architects to design buildings and gigantic towers that would stand forever. Higher, make mine higher, cried the clients. Bridges – we made them so long you couldn't see the other end. With clients who have unlimited budgets one can do just about anything in the construction world. And we did.

Solid structures are starting to crumble.

Look what's happening now. Change has arrived. Perhaps only a few of us really understood the potential effects of an economic crash.  There seems to be nothing that is not affected. Okay, all the restaurants in the Yuppie hi-tech industrial parks are closing down. The designer coffee shops are close behind them. Offices are closing and now one can see entire buildings that are vacant with sad 'To Lease' signs swinging off the parapets. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Choose carefully: refinancing, buying a home, using a payday loan"

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