Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News: Online Payday Loans and Companies with Solid Jobs

Online payday loans and other bright spots

Some people get cheered up when they find out that online payday loans can quickly and easily get them out of a financial jam. I like to bring people good news in the midst of all this economic doom and gloom, so whenever I come across a cheery story I try to share.

Companies hold steady in shaky economy

CNNmoney has published a story on nine companies that have never laid off an employee, and some of them have some great business ideas. For instance, grocery store Nugget Market doesn’t replace employees who leave voluntarily when finances get tight. If stores are short on people they can “borrow” employees from other stores nearby in the same chain. All employees are cross-trained so they can work in bagging, the deli or the cash register. Employees could feel confident getting online payday loans because they always knew payday was coming.

Believing in people

Some companies have been lucky enough to be able to stick to stalwart philosophies regarding employee retention. Founders of Aflac founders John, Paul, and Bill Amos adhered to this philosophy: ”If we take care of our employees, the employees take care of the business.” For nearly 20 years, Aflac insurance company has seen double digit growth every year, even the last two.

Capitalizing on convenience

QuikStop convenience store chain has stayed lucrative by staying privately owned. Because the company doesn’t have to pay out to any shareholders, any profit can be put back into the business. Still, the company is very picky about the way it spends its money. The family that  owns the company, the Cadieuxs, ”rejects proposed expenditures that don’t benefit customers or employee growth.” ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Good News: Online Payday Loans and Companies with Solid Jobs"

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