Friday, February 6, 2009

The housing market is back; I need a Payday Loan to get started

A payday loan will help me get through


The Perfect Dream Home

That gorgeous little cottage at the end of Main Street is on the market and Marcie and I have made up our minds-we are going to buy it. All I need to get started on this complicated operation is a Payday Loan to get me through the first few weeks of heavy expenses.

Our dream home

That cottage comes straight out of a fairy tale book. It's white, it's neat and it has the most colorful garden I've ever seen with a bright green lawn and a white picket fence. The windows have those small panes and the frames are painted a lilac color. There is a chimney on the roof; I wonder if the fireplace works? I'll find out the very first day of next winter when we're living there.

We dreamed the cottage dream

Almost from the day we married, Marcie and I have been talking about our cottage. How it will look, what it will have inside, color we'll paint the baby's room and how it will feel to live in it. We saved every penny we could, giving up all sorts of goodies and pleasures and keeping the money in our special 'cottage account.'

We stopped going to the movies and with great pain we gave up ribs at the local steakhouse. Our cottage fund grew by leaps and bounds. I took the night job at the motel reception desk and Marcie took extra shifts at the hospital. Soon the cottage was in sight. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "The housing market is back; I need a Payday Loan to get started"

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