Friday, February 20, 2009

Man Loses $13,000 in Toilet | Short Term Loans, Anyone?

Short term loans to replace lost cash

These days, it feels like more money is going down the toilet and people are crying out for short term loans to fill the gaping hole in their balance sheets. Critics of of President Obama’s economic stimulus package worry that the money is not going to be used in the right way, while others are concerned that the massive infusion of money into the money supply will create rampant inflation (if we haven’t already been there for a while). Did you hear about the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe? Folks there may as we ll flush those paper zims down the toilet.

But sometimes, people who don’t mean to flush money down the toilet end up doing just that.

Sealed for freshness

Dave Graham reports for Reuters that a German businessman lost his euros in a public toilet. He had more than 10,000 euros (which translates into about $13,000 American) in a clear plastic bag. Why did he carry that much money with him into a public restroom and why was the money zipped up in a plastic bag? Is there a kidnapping/contraband/blackmail story here that we should know about? Anybody who “discovered” the money in that restroom after the man’s departure may have needed bad credit short term loans for their emergency cash needs before, but not now… ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Man Loses $13,000 in Toilet | Short Term Loans, Anyone?"

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