Friday, February 6, 2009

Need a payday loan because you invested in stamp collecting?

Remember how we all collected stamps back in the 60's?

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I certainly could use a Payday Loan at this moment. Collecting stamps was the rage all those years ago. There were articles in the newspapers and every city had stamp dealers. Most of the collectors did it for the hobby while others thought about future values. Stamp values always increased.

40 years later

40 years later I'm sitting with a cupboard full of stamp albums. Stamp collecting went out of fashion when countries began issuing huge numbers of stamps. The hobby also faded against the competition of electronic games and computers.

I never thought twice

I too moved on in the computer age, but my stamp collection occupied valuable space in the cupboards in my study. I knew it was there within easy reach any time I got the urge to pull out the magnifying glass and check the little pieces of paper for a misprint that would make it worth millions. The years passed and every time I saw my wife eyeing the stamp cupboard while in search of extra storage space, I would quickly explain that inside the cupboard was not a stamp collection, but our retirement fund. It was a comforting thought. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Need a payday loan because you invested in stamp collecting?"

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