Monday, February 9, 2009

No Loans or Payday for Many Causes in Economic Stimulus Package

Payday won’t come for these causes

Many causes that need loans won’t see a payday from the government from the economic stimulus package.  You can see the full list of items that got cut here at I have chosen to write about a few items that deserve special attention, for one reason or another.

The recurring theme among the cuts seems to be that Congress realized they can’t just fold in causes that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy.

Historic Preservation

Previously, the bill contained an item that would give a big payday to historic preservation. A $55 million payday to be exact. I can’t say that I know what the money was going to fund, exactly. Much historic preservation mostly involves leaving things alone. But I can say that there isn’t a correlation between historic preservation and improving the economy.

The historic preservation money was a good example of spending money and not getting anything back for it. Payday loans are a good example of another time when you should only spend the money if it will save you money or make you money.

School Nutrition and Distance Learning

Many items in the economic stimulus package were geared toward subsidizing education and programs related to education. The bill dedicated $98 million to school nutrition. That’s a very good cause, and investing in our future, specifically children, is always a good idea. However, this item belongs in a different bill. The Congress members gunning for this item couldn’t present a satisfactory argument for how it would aid the economy. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "No Loans or Payday for Many Causes in Economic Stimulus Package"

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