Monday, February 23, 2009

Ohio HB 545 Can't Kill Payday Loans: They Live!

Payday loans and the Small Loan Act

Jim Siegel of The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Ohio Department of Commerce will not regulate payday loans into oblivion. Great, but they’re on the verge of being taken away from the public as is, thanks to House Bill 545. It capped annual interest rates at 28 percent for the high risk, unsecured loans, which is not a workable profit model. It isn’t oblivion, but it’s close.

In order to save scores of employees from unemployment and keep options open for consumers who need emergency cash but have less than perfect credit, lenders who remain in Ohio are offering pay day loans under the state’s Small Loan Act. Ernie Davis, the commerce department’s legislative director admits that lenders ”are operating under licenses set in statute.” Yet meddling politicians - driven as if their masters’ whips are at their backs - are going to look again and again to make sure lenders are “abiding by terms set in the new law.” ... click he re to read the rest of the article titled "Ohio HB 545 Can't Kill Payday Loans: They Live!"

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