Thursday, February 5, 2009

Payday Loans and Jobs For Generalists in Government

Need payday loans, but a job must come first

Payday loans can bridge the distance between paydays when problems arise and your budget is in need of aid. With as difficult as things are today, this is understandable. However, you must employed to be eligible to receive a payday loan, and let’s say that you’ve recently been laid off. You’ve cut your expenses and state aid helps, but if you hit a bump in the road, you have a problem. You need to rejoin the workforce as quickly as possible. You have education and a variety of skills, but don’t come across as a specialist in any one area. You’re well-rounded, and you’re wondering why employers overlook you.

Don’t worry, a new option is available! President Obama has promised that his government will provide more jobs to skilled, conscientious citizens than ever. Being the well-rounded individual you are, you could become a “generalist.”

Generally, what’s a generalist?

What’s a generalist? Federal Career Coach Lily Whiteman has contributed a very useful article on GovCentral that tells us, and it makes it clear that generalists are anything but vanilla. Cash Advance Mojo encourages you to read her article and consider how your education, skills and experience make you the valuable commodity you are. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Payday Loans and Jobs For Generalists in Government"

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