Monday, February 9, 2009

Payday loans for emergencies: your son's surgery, broken cars

You can apply for payday loans when you meet a financial hurdle or any emergency situation.

Payday loans are very useful when you need cash for an emergency. Most of us use up our salary in a week’s time and are hanging on for our next payday. What if we meet an emergency situation like Rodney did?

Always be ready to face tough situations

Rodney's child Randall loves to play soccer. Randall, who is still learning to play soccer, often gets hurt but his dad doesn't worry about it as he knows that someday Randall will surely become a good soccer player. Rodney works at a factory almost 2 hours away from his home. He drives to work every day.

You can’t always plan what will happen to your finances

One day, Rodney’s car conked out, the very day he had promised his son that he would come to see his soccer match after work. Rodney was at the shop, just about to have his car fixed, when he got a call that Randall had injured his arm badly. Randall was soon admitted to the hospital with a dislocated arm and had to undergo surgery. The hospital was 40 minutes away from their home. Rodney was in deep despair. He desperately wanted to fix his car so that he could see his son daily at the hospital till he fully recuperated and he needed to pay for the medical expenses. Rodney did not have enough money in his bank account. He needed money immediately.

Immediate money with payday loans

Rodney’s friend, Dominic, who works at a bank, advised him to get a payday loan to help him in paying the medical expenses as well as fixing the car. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Payday loans for emergencies: your son's surgery, broken cars"

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