Wednesday, February 4, 2009

People Need No Fax Payday Loans When Cheap Isn't Cheap Anymore

No fax payday loans mean store brands only

Kraft Foods Inc.

People must be taking out no fax payday loans for groceries and trying to save as much extra cash as possible. Kraft foods, a powerhouse in the “cheap food” market posted a 72 percent decline in profits for the fourth quarter of 2008.

Are people not eating anymore?


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Most of Kraft’s profit losses were due to a company restructuring and inventory reduction. However, charging extra cash for its goods hurt the company in a big way, too. Kraft made the mistake of making a fairly run-of-the-mill price increase during a time when its competitors apparently knew better than to do so. Among the items that Kraft started charging more for were Planters products. The company has since dropped the prices back down.

Drawing parallels

No fax payday loans are the cheapest form of payday loan because borrowers don’t have to pay for transportation to get to the payday loan store or even paper to send a fax. And while Kraft used to be cheap enough to be considered a bargain, times are changing as people scrimp and save every penny they can. People prefer no fax payday loans even though they may only save a few cents, and that means if they can save extra cash on macaroni and cheese for less, they will.

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