Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recession Ends Q3 2009 | Payday Loans Helping Now, Then

Payday loans help while recession’s in final heat

Payday loans help people from all walks of life to absorb the budget shocks that emergencies can create. Yet even short-term scenarios like these become increasingly difficult to swallow during a deep recession. This raises a question that’s on the minds of many Americans: “When is this going to end?”

To find an expert’s opinion on the matter, Jennifer Schonberger of The Motley Fool recently interviewed Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist with Charles Schwab. According to Sonders, we’re more than halfway there.

And the worst part is now

Sonders’ best guess is that

Sometime in the third quarter of 2009, we’ll get the official word that it’s over — now keep in mind, given that it took the NBER [National Bureau of Economic Research] a year to tell us we were in one. The normal span of time between when recessions have ended historically, and when they’re declared in the end, has been 15 months. So if I’m right about the third quarter of 2009, we’ll probably get the word on that some time in 2010.

But right now America is at the bottom of the pit. Corporate inventories are going up because nobody is buying. Consumers are saving for a perpetual rainy day, but even then they’ll look to cash advance loans for added help. Unpurchased inventory stockpiles has caused an artificial inflation of the gross domestic product, making appear better than was expected. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Recession Ends Q3 2009 | Payday Loans Helping Now, Then"

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