Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senate Approves Stimulus | Payday Loan For Ailing Economy?

America’s economic stimulus package in final heat

America’s ailing economy is in need of quick aid, a true payday loan that will help bridge the way. Unfortunately, for as much as President Obama has been encouraging quick action to get a stimulus package passed, we may not see real change for some time. Many even argue that the stimulus package does not take the optimal path toward healing and reform.

However, the package moves forward. According to a breaking BBC News report, “the Democratic-controlled Senate voted 61-37 to approve the measure, with few Republicans opting to back it.” According to reports, the economic stimulus plan that the U.S. Senate has passed will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $838 billion.

Interestingly, Vice President Biden has been widely quoted as saying that there is a “30 percent chance” that this stimulus package will not work. Many pundits consider that estimate to be conservative.

What’s next?

Next, a number of things must happen. First of all, it is expected that the Senate-passed version will enter into negotiations so that it can be “reconciled” with the legislation that has already passed the House of Representatives two weeks ago. After that, it will cross President Obama’s desk for the final sign-off. His signature could mean the cash advance that the Dow Jones has been waiting for. Watch those indexes… ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Senate Approves Stimulus | Payday Loan For Ailing Economy?"

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