Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Westgate Capital Manager Arrested on Investor Fraud Charges

Westgate Capital manager caught

Nice one, James.

"Nice one, James."

The fallout from the Bernie Madoff disaster continues. So, when is it that you’re going to step up your monitoring of financial fraud, SEC? Any time now…

Alistair Barr of MarketWatch brings our attention to James Nicholson, 42, the manager of the investment firm Westgate Capital Management LLC. Mr. Nicholson has been ceremoniously arrested at his Saddle River, New Jersey home on charges of securities fraud and bank fraud, according to the Department of Justice.

I learned it from you, Bernie

Nicholson told investors that Westgate Capital had assets within the company that ranged anywhere from $600 to $900 million. However, in true Bernie Madoff style, the real value of Westgate’s assets was substantially lower. As a result, investors dumped as much as $100 million into a variety of funds managed by Westgate since 2004.

It’s in the brochures; must be right!

Futhermore, Nicholson’s associated Westgate Strategic Growth Fund was audited by an independent accounting firm. However, the DOJ determined that this accounting firm was actually a virtual firm registered at a virtual address. In case of telephone inquiries, an answering service was set up that would direct calls to a phone number that Nicholson provided. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Westgate Capital Manager Arrested on Investor Fraud Charges"

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