Monday, February 9, 2009

With jobless rate at 7.6%, don't wait | Apply for payday loan now


Global Economic Disaster

Jobless rate at 7.6%: I may be next! I need a Payday Loan

It’s hard to believe that something that happens half-way across the world affects my ability to provide for my family here and may even send me searching for a payday loan.  We have to start treating this global economic disaster for what it really is – a worldwide epidemic. Look what's happening: Company A on 1st Avenue, right here in the U.S., makes a great product, called the Mark II PSSS, an electronic game player. They sell all over the world. Every kid wants one and they sell a lot. A small war breaks out in Birangi, Africa, when the hill-folk, armed with Kalashnikov Rifles, come swarming down and attack the townspeople.

The following morning the Birangi General Store cancels its order of 3 containers of the Mark II PSSS. The factory on 1st Avenue immediately halts production on line number 2 and sends a few temporary employees home as they are not needed.

A germ breaks loose

By lunch time everyone on the street hears that 4 guys lost their jobs. Over on 2nd Avenue, XYT Electronics decides that they too may lose an order to the same country, after all there is a war going on, and fires 10 workers who were on the electronic Thingy line.

The germ multiplies

Next morning the papers carry the news. By the morning break, seven factories have laid off workers. They are selling goods in neighboring countries on the same continent. 60 guys hit the streets looking for work. Not one of them had a Payday loan to see them through the month and now that they are unemployed, it's too late to apply for a Payday Loan. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "With jobless rate at 7.6%, don't wait | Apply for payday loan now"

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