Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surviving the Recession, Episode 3: Cheap Transport (1)

Save on transportation

You know how to save money at the grocery store. You know how to use your food skills to stretch your food dollar once you get the groceries home. These are vitally important skills in this economy; the recession comes knocking at everyone’s door. Cutting back on spending is the goal, and this doesn’t just mean leaving out those extra leisure purchases. This means shaving dollars off your everyday expenses. Payday loans may be around to help, but adapting habits to ou r environment is what we must do. That’s what really makes a difference.

Now let’s take a look at another everyday part of your budget that we need to keep an eye on during a recession: automobile expenses. Try as many of these helpful hints as you can and see how far ahead you come out at the end of the month!

  • Combine errands to one trip and use the most efficient route - I know this is difficult for me, because I generally don’t plan beyond the day in front of me. However, combining trips saves you time and money. It’s also beneficial for the environment, as you aren’t starting your car as often (the time when combustion creates the largest quantity of atmospheric pollutants. Using an efficient route simply means knowing where you live, work and play. Don’t be afraid to try new things and access Web sites like Google Maps or your trusty paper road map. You will find a better way to get there if you look hard enough. Knowing what days and times traffic is heavy (and in what areas) can also help make your trips more efficient
  • Walk - If you are lucky enough to live near a city center where all sorts of amenities are in close proximity, leave the car at home and start walking. It requires no gasoline and contributes to your physical fitness. Even if you live outside of downtown and have to travel a bit farther, why not make an adventure out of it and walk an extra mile or two? And why not CLICK HERE for more tips?

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