Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surviving the Recession, Episode 3: Commute Smart (2)

More ways to save on daily transportation expenses

If you missed PART ONE of this “Surviving the Recession,” start there. You won’t need as many cash advance loans if you follow this plan…

  • Stay home - Sometimes you have to go, but if you don’t, stay in more often. Read a book, exercise, watch TV, call a friend or three. Anything to keep your gas and entertainment budget more manageable
  • Keep tires inflated properly - When tires are in need of air, the tread is not making optimal contact with the road. When tires don’t make optimal contact with the road, your care requires more gasoline to travel.  Keep tires aired up and you’ll have a smoother, more efficient ride
  • Don’t suddenly stop or accelerate - Accelerate and decelerate slowly and smoothly. This places less stress on your engine, transmission and brakes, to name just a few. It also doesn’t burn as much gasoline. If you can make a habit of driving this way, your fuel savings will be significant
  • Carpool - Share the road. Not only is this good for your gasoline budget, but it’s good for the environment because it means at least one fewer car on the road. Ask the Human Resources department where you work if they have a ridesharing or similar alternative transportation program. In some cases, your company may even participate in a larger program that awards prizes to conscientious commuters
  • Ride your bike - If it isn’t practical to walk, biking is a fantastic option that’s great exercise. You’ll want to make sure you have proper safety gear (helmet, at least), a properly maintained bicycle and a route that is safe for bicycling
  • Go biodiesel - Keep in mind, I’m not talking about ethanol from corn. The world has enough problems feeding everyone and corn prices are high enough as it is. Let’s not cause an artificial corn shortage, no matter what America’s previous president opinion was on the matter. With little modification, a regular diesel gas engine can be made ready for biodiesel fuel that comes straight from the grease trap of your favorite fast food restaurant. With federal tax incentives, the increased cost of biodiesel blends is all but offset, and for the environment, biodiesel has been proven safer than standard diesel gasoline. But you know what’s the safest thing of all to do? CONTINUE READING…

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