Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Google Public Data and Government Transparency

Get the skinny with Google Public Data

You’re online, you Google. It’s nearly as much of a given as breathing. Unless you’re one of those Yahoo! only people… you know who you are. But are you using the search tool to its ultimate capacity? It can have a big economic impact upon you. Let’s say you’re looking to move to another state and you need public data like unemployment rates… because you’ll have to work in your new home state and you want to know how likely you will be to hold on to your employment.

Government agencies should make such info easy to find, but they don’t. And when it can make the difference between making a good decision with stable outlook or a less fortunate decision where lower average salaries and higher costs of living lead to a greater need for cash advance loans and mortgage loan modification,you want the right info when you need it.

Kim Hart reports for the Washington Post that Google has launched a search tool that helps users uncover public data that can be difficult to find on government Web sites because they are buried in a sea of facts, files and other unrelated information. Called Google Public Data, it makes federal, state and local governments easily accessible to citizens. This is very much in line with President Obama’s goal of making government more transparent for the people. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Google Public Data and Government Transparency"

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