Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Avoid the Financial Headache in Retirement

Especially during the first morning after a long weekend, the alarm clock ranks first in the most hated invention of all time. That irritating buzz signals that yes, the sweet days off the 9-5 are over. There’s no more sleeping in, no more watching TV all day and no more time to look for the latest and greatest movie to enjoy this afternoon. There’s work, work and more work.

Most of us look for remedies to feel better in the morning. Perhaps it’s a cup of extra strong coffee to awaken our senses or a healthy dose of Tylenol to cure our hangover. Yet, these are all bandits and not cures to the problem. Listen carefully folks. Our wakeupphobia has nothing to do with today but everything to do with yesterday.

  • We don’t want to wake up because we slept too late.
  • We don’t want to go to work because we are still tired.
  • And we are tired because we never gave our bodies a chance to recover.

If we prepared ourselves to fail, how can we blame the alarm clock for doing its job?

From the Morning of a Long Weekend to 7am of the First Day of Retirement

Now imagine that it’s 7am of the first day of retirement:

Are you looking forward to the rest of your years without work or are you going to be sweating from your financial hangover?
Are you going to hate the alarm clock because it’s yelling at you for not having enough money to retire comfortably?

Those trying to find a Tylenol for their finances are not going to be very happy to hear that there’s no such pill. The yester-years was fun. In fact, all parties are amazing during the moment, but most of them leave a nasty headache in the morning after.

  • If you want to begin the day with energy, then start thinking about how you spend the weekend.
  • If you want to start your retirement feeling positive, then start thinking about how you spend the working years.

The choice is yours.  Enjoy the coffee this morning, because your company is still paying for it.

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