Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fast Food Expanding Fast in the U.S.

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Americans are not eating out as much as they used to. Well, actually, when it comes to fast food that’s not exactly true. Americans love for fast food appears to be recession-proof, as many restaurants based in other countries are opening more locations in the U.S.

CNN Money wrote a series on several foreign fast food restaurants that are continuing to spread their businesses across the United States. Here are some highlights.


CNN Money says “Jollibee is known universally as the McDonald’s of the Philippines.” You can order your Jollibee burgers with pineapple, and sides include spaghetti and palabok, made of shrimp and noodles. A side of spaghetti with a burger? Sure, why not. Instead of apple pies like McDonald’s, Jollibee has mango pies. Because it’s fast food, you can keep up on your debt management and still afford to eat there.

Pollo Campero

Speaking of chicken, another restaurant continuing to open U.S. stores is Pollo Campero, the Guatemalan chicken place that beat out KFC in South America. Besides fried chicken, it serves yucca fries and fried plantains, and drinks like horchata, cinnamon-flavored milk served cold, and agua de tamarindo, a sweet-and-sour fruit drink. Pollo Campero is growing ambitiously. It has 52 U.S. stores now and plans to bring that number to 300 by 2014, so keep an eye out.

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Chutney Joe’s

Indian food is rare to find in some U.S. cities If Chutney Joe’s has its way, though, that won’t be the case anymore. The restaurant started in New Delhi, but now has a location in Chicago.Chutney Joe’s uses healthy cooking techniques — no frying — and doesn’t use butter or heavy cream. The owner plans to open five new locations in Chicago in the near future before expanding to New York, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


Though Nando’s is from South Africa and focuses on a Porteugese cooking technique, it’s using a very American marketing strategy, which is to tell people that Oprah Winfrey is a fan. No one’s saying that isn’t true, but I am hoping that the food will be able to speak for itself when it expands to 10 more stores in the next couple of years.

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