Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Beasley

People who love celebrity gossip should love this – Michael Beasley, a forward for the Miami Heat has checked himself into rehab. It was announced across several media outlets, and the Michael Beasley Twitter page posted a new photo of him, sporting a new tattoo, and then was deleted. NBA rules make it so that if a player voluntarily enters rehab, they won’t have the book thrown at them as harshly as those that test positive and are mandated to get treatment. This isn’t Beasley’s first instance of trouble, as he was banned from the NBA Rookie Orientation, and fined, rumored to be for drug related reasons. Still, Michael Beasley has made a few million, so he won’t be hard up for cash until payday.

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  1. I hope that he's well soon. I've made mistakes in life so I can't judge the man. I give him credit for having the courage to admit and address his problems in front of the general public.