Monday, August 31, 2009


Computer Training Online

That is the last question to ask to my essay

Why does any of what I'm saying matter to anyone? Well, anyone who will be reading my essay will probably be in an online class, or they have probably experienced some type of online conversing with someone else. So what I'm saying will most likely include them in some way. Why is my essay so significant though? Because I wrote it. Well not yet, but I will.

Other people might be interested in my interpretations and ideas about this particular subject. Then they can know that there is a difference between talking to someone in person and talking to someone online. And they will know that they are also similar. But what's stopping them from already knowing all that? I mean, they probably know it even if they don't know it. Some people are like that.

Some people subconsciously know things but don't know that they know them

So I guess it's my job to bring those ideas out in all of us. We each probably have thought about these things, but not in very much detail. Maybe because it's such a boring topic to think about, or maybe there are just more important things to think about.

So the purpose of my essay is to tell everybody about the (how many times do I have to say this?) differences and similarities of talking online and in person. So why exactly do people need to know this? Maybe so that they might come to realize that there are different worlds of communicating; one where we can see the other person, facial expressions and all, and one where we can't.

There are benefits, shall we say, to each form of conversing, online and not

Of course, there's always the opposite of benefits: disadvantages. There is opposition in everything. There must be the bad things in order for us to perceive what is good. If we didn't know what sour was, we could not know what sweet was. Like I said, opposition in everything.

So we have the advantages and disadvantages of my thesis (I don't want to have to say it all over again because I've said it enough and you're probably sick and tired of hearing it). And why does the reader need to know all this? What is so important about it? Well the way I see it is that you should gain as much knowledge as you possibly can, and we as humans are always looking to find out more about ourselves, and the things we do.

We always want to know more about things around us so we're not in the dark, feeling uneducated and behind. We have a hunger that has to be satisfied. And learning about what I'm going to be writing about could be considered part of that hunger, at least for some people.

Though it may not be vitally important to our happiness and welfare, it could be something that would be nice to learn about. Something that we feel is worth reading. But even if it's worth reading, it has to be interesting enough to hold the reader's attention. If it doesn't, the whole purpose of the essay will have no affect whatsoever.

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