Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best of Consumerism Commentary, August 2009

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Best of Consumerism Commentary, July 2009

Here are some of the most popular articles, based on total visitors, published on Consumerism Commentary in August. If you missed them this past month, take a look.

  1. Receiving the First Time Homebuyer Credit Takes About Six Weeks
  2. My Grandmothers and the Cost of a Funeral
  3. Earn $500 By Referring Friends and Readers to ING Direct
  4. What’s Important to You in Healthcare Reform? (by Smithee)
  5. Personal Balance Sheet, Net Worth, Income, and Expenses, July 2009
  6. Using Debit Cards as Credit Cards
  7. Roth IRA Conversion
  8. Good News for Mac Users: Quicken for Mac 2010 Coming Soon
  9. Is Buying a Foreclosed Property Realistic? (by Jeff)
  10. Cash for Clunkers: The Revenge (by Smithee)

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Best of Consumerism Commentary, August 2009

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