Monday, October 26, 2009

Black Friday 2009

Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? Do you know what Black Friday is? It is the day after Thanksgiving and it is the biggest shopping day of the year. Not only that, after the first 11 months of the year are almost complete, Black Friday is the day of the year where stores traditionally go into the black. After spending 11 months in the red, they cross over into profit on Black Friday and continue to profit the rest of the year.

The sales on Black Friday are the best sales of the year. Typically that is the day you will save the most by spending the most. Many people do all or most of their holiday shopping on Black Friday.

The biggest problem for me on Black Friday is the crowds. A friend and I decided last year to brave the elements (it was dumping snow) and do the whole Black Friday shopping thing. We started in line at 4:30 a.m. to get big screen TVs for practically nothing. We stood outside in the snow bundled in scarves and hats for 30 minutes until the store opened at 5:00 a.m. only to find we weren't in line early enough to get the really great deal. We then ran over to a department store and grabbed some great sale items and got in the giant line.

There was a pregnant lady in the back of the line who said suddenly she was in labor so everyone let her go to the front of the line. Of course we were all for it. Then we got in the car and drove across town and grabbed a few other things and got in that long long long line. A minute later we heard a lady in the back of the line saying she had just gone into labor and everyone said she could go to the front of the line. It was the same pregnant lady. What a scam!

Maybe if you're pregnant you shouldn't have to stand in line, but that was frustrating. It was a very frustrating day. So for Black Friday 2009 I will be shopping but it will be online. What about you?

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