Friday, October 16, 2009

Bruce Wasserstein

I had never heard of Bruce Wasserstein until today when I read that he died. He was 61. He had an irregular heartbeat earlier in the week and had been hospitalized, but there is no word yet as to what he died of. It turns out that he was responsible for turning mergers and acquisitions into a business.

His trading and making money buying and selling businesses was like a game to him. Much like I would play a game of chess with my family, he would build a business and make a fortune from it. His sister once told a story of how his brother had always been this way.

Once when they were children, Bruce had planted a stick in the ground in the area where they were playing and declared the area his and called it Bruceania. His first acquisition. He's been involved with such major companies such as Kraft, Time Warner, Lazard, and New York Magazine. All these are great accomplishments for Mr. Wasserstein, but probably his greatest acquisition was of his seven children.

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