Friday, October 23, 2009

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips, what are you doing? You're a big guy in the baseball world, but obviously you're not good enough for it. But then again, the production assistant he had an affair with is just as to blame.

What is it with people, thinking they can have sex with whoever they want? Pick one person; commit to them. He has a history of affairs, but the people he worked with have backed him up- saying he hasn't done anything more- when he was accused of sexual harassment. Steve was believed to be sincere, and things got settled outside of court.

I'm willing to believe he was sincere, and the fact that people thought he harassed someone when he didn't is unfortunate and I'm sure it was pretty awful for him. But honestly, had he never had an affair, he wouldn't have had that happen. I'm not saying Phillips deserved it, but he took a risk and risks have consequences. It's like the parable of the wagon drivers- a man wanted to hire a wagon driver and went with the one that drove furthest from the edge, not the one that could get as close to it without falling off.

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