Friday, November 20, 2009

Father kills 15 year old son

Yes, it's true. A father kills 15 year old son. Supposedly the 15 year old had molested a young toddler. Many things about this are disturbing. One, the father killed his own son. Second, the 15 year old molested a toddler.

It is so sad how these kids (or adults) decide to participate in such actions. Who knows, maybe that 15 year old was born being surrounded by that sexual behavior and he thought it was normal, but odds are that the 15 year old had some common sense.

It's a shame to have so many people in America going through the depression of dealing with being molested or raped. I hear that some women who get raped or molested tend to think it's their fault. And that is totally understandable but women who go through this should understand that if you didn't want it, and the man pressured you into it.

I think that being raped could possibly be one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. Women take things to heart and we are more sensitive and we think more. Things like being raped can totally screw up a woman. But hopefully women who go through that can walk away stronger and be a role model for younger women about how you can overcome anything and maybe give tips to how you could prevent it or help to get out.

There is a story how a woman was at a bar drinking heavily and having fun but she was very drunk and two men asked her if she would go with them to their apartment, she went with them and she ended up with her underwear on the floor and naked. She went on a talk show and shared her story how she got "raped" but I strongly disagree that was rape. It was the women's choice to go get drunk and to be hanging out with strangers. And she willingly went with the men, yes she was drunk but she shouldn't have gone drinking in the first place.

It is not always the boys fault when things like this happen, and it's not always the girls. This example shows how it was both of their faults about what happened. Some people just live life as they want and don't think about anything, and I think that is where people like that land. You need to make a plan and stick to it so you don't end up like the person who decides its okay to invade a person's personal space anytime you please. Be smart.

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