Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Much Anticipated 'New Moon' Opens tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the official opening all over the country for second movie in the ‘Twilight‘ trilogy, ‘New Moon’. There are quite a few theaters that have premiers at 12:01am Thursday night. Many fans have already bought tickets, and are eagerly awaiting the doors to open.

In the first movie ‘Twilight’ we got a look at the story and characters, and by the end most were wanting more. At that time, the making of the next book into a movie was up in the air, with problems between the book writer and the movie folks. Luckily, agreements and terms were made, and the next book went into production. I think lots of fans let out a sigh of relief, and began watching for anything new coming out on the progress of this new movie.

As fans, most of us have read the books, and had formed our own ideas about what the characters would be like. Once the first movie was out, we were able to visually connect with those characters, and the popularity of those actors increased dramatically.

Now with this movie, we are introduced to another group of characters, who will continue to bring more depth and excitement to the screen.

I know I’ve already made my plans for Friday night along with all the other “Twilight” fans. I will be at those doors, at my favorite theater at the appointed hour.

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