Thursday, November 19, 2009

Target Black Friday ads 2009



Today I decided to look at the target black Friday ads 2009. They look like they've got some sweet stuff being sold.

After looking at all the things we could buy, I feel like it might actually be worth getting up early in the morning and trying to win the stuff in the giant crowd. I've never really been a fan of shopping on black Friday. I thought that it wasn't really worth saving the money to try and beat the crowd. I hate being in big crowds like that.

I had some extra time and just decided to look at what was being sold to see if there was anything I really thought was worth it. I found a ton of stuff that was on sale and worth the money.

Most video games that are typically $50 are on sale for $37 which is definitely a very good price. They had some sweet tools on sale. They also had really big TVs on sale for anyone who got there in time.

I don't know whether or not I can really make it to all of these things but it would sure be worth it. The crowd may be worse than they were last year. I don't know how much worse you can really be than the people who trampled the employee last year. I hope that nothing like that happens this year.

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