Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Worksheets



Are you having a slew of people over for Thanksgiving and are you looking for something to keep them busy? How about Thanksgiving worksheets? Print out all kinds of worksheets for everyone to work on.

These worksheets are not just for children. You might think of coloring pages of turkeys and cornucopias. Or you might be thinking of tracing kids' hands on paper and adding feathers and turkey looking feature. But adult Thanksgiving worksheets can be really fun too and a conversation starter.

Did you know there are sites online where you can make your own crossword puzzle? You can put in questions about your guests and the answers. Like you can put, where was Grandma born. Then the crossword puzzle will have the spaces for the answer (like LosAngeles).

Just Google free crossword puzzle generator and you should find something. Have a list of questions ready such as birth places, number of children of maybe great aunt Edna, Uncle Leroy's dog's name, how many grandchildren are in the family, the favorite vegetable of Aunt Em, the first job of Grandpa, etc.

List the questions and the answers. Be sure to have a question related to every member there and then maybe some general thanksgiving questions like, what vegetable the pilgrims grew. You put in all the questions and answers and voila, the crossword puzzle generator makes the crossword puzzle for you!

You could also have worksheets with words that you circle or other word puzzles. Do include the children's coloring pages, if children will be come. It would be lots of fun to sit around as the turkey cooks and work on these Thanksgiving worksheets.

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