Friday, December 18, 2009

As the World Turns cancelled

I was watching TV just to discover As the World Turns cancelled. I thought it was so sad to see happen. The soap opera has been on TV for fifty years. It is getting canceled due to bad ratings. It won't officially be canceled till fall of two thousand and ten. Hopefully that is enough time for all of the viewers that have been watching it for so long to say goodbye to the show that they love so much.

Apparently there have been many different soap operas that have been cancelled pretty recently. I am kind of sad because soap operas are one of those things you enjoy watching in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, they are all being cancelled. It isn't too bad because I'm sure there are much more wholesome things that I could watch on TV. I think I will probably have to watch them all until they all slowly die away.

Maybe eventually I will start reading good wholesome books instead of watching pointless soap operas. The only thing bothersome about soap operas is that it takes one season of a soap opera to get through a week in the show. They usually move extremely slow which can be pretty bothersome to some people but just fine to others. I would definitely prefer if the shows that I watched moved faster rather than slowly like soap operas do.

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