Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Inclusive Resort Getaways

These past few weeks have been so cold and grey that I can’t help but daydream about tropical climates. I thought I’d check out some vacation destinations to see if there were any all-inclusive resorts where I could go to enjoy some sun and sand.

Top Search All Inclusive Resorts:
1. Sandals Resorts
2. Beaches Resorts
3. Palace Resorts
4. Wyndham Resorts
5. Breezes Resorts
6. Occidental Resorts 7. Club Med Resorts
8. Almond Beach Resorts
9. Superclubs Resorts
10. Divi Resorts

If you’re traveling with a family, Beaches Resorts, #2 on our list, or Breezes Resorts, our #5 most-searched resort, may be better options for you. Both of these companies offer special programs for kids and families. For a limited time, kids can even stay for free at Divi Aruba Resorts.

Traveling alone can sometimes be intimidating, but who doesn’t need some “me” time once in a while? If you’ll be vacationing solo, Club Med Resorts, #7 on our list, might be a good place to look. They offer a number of packages tailored specifically to single travelers. With group activities including windsurfing, bocce ball, snorkeling and water polo, you’ll be making friends with your fellow travelers in no time.

As for me, I think I’ll look into a time share like those offered by Wyndham Resorts, #4 on our list. That way, I can have access to great amenities and fully-furnished accommodations in a number of locations around the globe.

Which is your favorite resort? Let us know! Search for more resorts on AOL Search and AOL Travel.

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