Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eureka Earthquake

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Another slip of the earth occurred today in California. The Eureka quake in Northern California was the third and largest of the quakes occurring from the San Francisco Bay area to Eureka. The 6.5 quake caused relatively minor but widespread damage. Power lines were reported down in many locales, items shaken from shelves, and at least one house was knocked off of its foundation. No major injuries seem to have occurred as a result of this latest temblor.

Once again, those of us in earthquake country have been given due warning to be prepared for the inevitable. A big one is coming. This recent earthquake in Eureka was not a big one, due to the strict building codes that are currently in force and which have repeatedly been shown to be so effective. Ultimately, however, no structure can hold up to the wrath of Mother Nature. The building codes stretch out the time between destructive quakes, which is great. They may also lull the public into complacency. So few of us have the requisite amount of emergency supplies stored in the right places and we do not have emergency plans established for our families. Those who do prepare may put themselves at risk in an actual catastrophe as the majority of people will become desperate after a few days without adequate supplies.

Once again, take the Eureka earthquake as a wake-up call for all of those who are not presently prepared. The recent rash of earthquakes should serve to quicken our pace. Those of us who have set aside supplies need to rotate them to keep them fresh and viable.

There is a seriously destructive quake coming. You best that anyone living in quake country can hope for is to be alive but away on vacation with their family when it occurs. Beyond that, appropriate action now will go a long way to towards making endurance and survival of such an event bearable and maybe even possible. Get your supplies together now and put together an emergency plan with your family. You will be glad you did, your neighbors will be glad you did, and your friends and relatives out of the area will be glad you did. Don’t forget your pets. They will be doubly glad if you remember supplies for them.

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