Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intuition for writing articles

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I first sit down and relax and think about what I am going to type. For supreme concentration take care of all physical needs first. Not what I'm going to write about. I call this intuitive writing. Write from your heart not your mind. Spelling and grammar are very important but wait till the end of a draft to fix mistakes. Tap your fingers on your key board without looking at the clock. You must write a minimum of three drafts so with your first ignore all mistakes. Once your mind's eye finds the end you can read your first draft.

What makes a great writer

What makes a good writer become a great writer? Don’t assume every word means the same thing in every place do your research as a writer should. Their passion for writing lucidly keeps the pages turning and turning. A writer uses adjectives to describe what he wants you to envision this is an important attribute. A great writer allows you to live vicariously through his characters. Communicate effectively by using words all will understand. The more a writer uses complicated words the more likely I won't continue reading. Write in a happy voice that leaves readers with a good attitude. Don’t forget writing pays in all sorts of ways. Don't forget writing pays in all sorts of ways. Do search for real experiences that will enrich your point of view. When you write for profit it will work for you while you sleep.

The technical side of writing

Not all writers write in song or rhythm. A wise person see’s the value in technical writing. Technical writing is far too advanced for some. Hardware soft ware, chemistry, and the aerospace industries use technical writing because Wikipedia states that it's the most formal writing style.”(Wikipedia) Technical writing explains technical ideas to technical and nontechnical users. For example you could write instructions on how to use a product or complete a project. Technical writing seems boring but has a lasting effect. Create intensity by using action words to influence excitement. The more simplistic and complete your sentences the easier the reading will be for others. Write more than the next guy to solidify your future position.

The challenges of writing

Now that we have touched on creative writing, and technical writing. I should mention that Writers work with Editors and publishers throughout the entire writing process. The writer thinks it the editor perfects it and the publisher delivers it. Finding original content can be difficult. Find something boring to write about and you’ll find a surprising story. See what others are doing wearing acting or hiding without saying a word then write what you learned. If you want to get noticed you must use strong research tactics this is what the Bureau of labor and statistics looks for in a writer. Plagiarism is a crime so always use credible sources and citations if using borrowed content.

Affiliate article writing for profit

Lastly I would like to discuss affiliate article writing. Anyone can be an affiliate writer who aids others in advertising. You can make an easy two thousand dollar minimum a month just from affiliate marketing. Affiliate writers will be in demand until there are no more inventors, manufacturers and people. Why they need your marketing expertise. Article Writing is for anyone who wants to communicate something to the world. Write articles that persuade the reader to act. Once you learn the rules of writing you can play the game and win.

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