Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Massive Haitian earthquake damage; aid requirements tremendous

7.0 magnitude earthquake has altered the lives of over three million people

Wyclef Jean has pledged to help the people of Haiti following the tremendous earthquake. (Photo:

Reports indicate that the Haiti earthquake death toll may reach into the thousands. The United States, United Nations, European Union, France, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Britain, the Inter-American Development Bank and various other agencies are all offering Haitian earthquake aid in the form of food, medical supplies and services, cash advance and other sundries. Musician Wyclef Jean has even offered help. This earthquake is truly a tragedy that has brought the world community toget! her. Natural disasters of this nature are among the most destructive incidents imaginable, and Haitian relief organizations will be stretched to the limit.

From where did the Haitian earthquake originate?

According to Fox News, the quake came from a fault line that runs straight through the island nation. The tectonic plate sits on the boundary between the Caribbean and North American. These two plates move about .8 inches per year, which amounts to about 20 millimeters. However, geophysicist Carrieann Bedwell told the news agency that this small movement didn’t result in the massive 7.0 quake. Instead, it was a “release of energy” from the Enriquillo-Plaintain Garden fault system. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake was the largest they’d felt in 200 years. … click here to read the rest of the article titled “Massive Haitian earthquake damage; aid requirements tremendous

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