Friday, January 22, 2010

Oklahoma Earthquake

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This New Year is shaking

Who ever heard of earthquakes in Oklahoma? The year started out with pretty good temblors in the San Francisco Bay area, then off the coast of Eureka, California and of course the big on in Haiti. But now it is Oklahoma’s turn. Initial reports put the magnitude of the quake at around 4.0. That is a quake that would be felt by many people, but should not cause too much damage. This is apparently the third quake this week in the same area of Oklahoma near Oklahoma City. The two earlier ones were smaller. Quakes just don’t happen very often in that part of the country, so many of those who felt the quake did not realize that a quake had actually occurred.

With so many spotlights on earthquakes recently, there is no excuse for putting off getting prepared for a major catastrophe. Have a coordinated plan amongst your family members as to how to get in touch with each other. Know how to safely exit your home and decide on a safe rendezvous point. Have the recommended types and quantities of supplies on hand at home, and in the trunk of your car. Endeavor to review the plans every six months and rotate your supplies as well.

Hopefully this is the last of the quake news for a while

We are out of hurricane season and peak tornado season does not start until April. Wildfire season is still a few months off, though in some parts of the country, it is always wildfire season due to a string of drier than usual years. So while catastrophe news should be dissipating for a while, we should use this spate of quakes as a reminder, once again, to be prepared. It is relatively easy to do and many aspects of being prepared do not cost anything. Once this important item is checked off of your to-do list, you feel very good about yourself and your chances of surviving a true catastrophe.

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