Thursday, February 11, 2010

Better Health a Result of Proper Nutrition

Prehistoric Age

In the days before agriculture, human beings pretty much had to go out and kill or pick their meals from nature. Our ancestors, for millions of years, ate nothing but animal fat and protein, nuts, berries and certain vegetables. We have evolved and thrived on this type of food. During those times, humans were healthier and more active.

People did not go to grocery stores or take out payday loans for food. The claim that people did not live long due to their diets is false, as they died from being prey rather than from diseases. The modern diseases we are afflicted with today did not exist in the Paleolithic man, as several bone analyses have revealed.


Fast forwarding to today, we see many health issues and diseases that come from digesting foods that do not cooperate with our genetic makeup. Our ancestors of this time did not eat grains. Our Paleo ancestors did not eat beans, peanuts and potatoes as well. Since the inception of our agriculture days, these foods have become part of the modern diet. It is because of these new foods that modern man has many illnesses and diseases.

Costs of Health Care

The costs of health care today have soared far beyond what any reasonable person can pay without the help of a few payday loans. It is even too expensive with them. A more dishonest event is happening behind the scenes beyond the costs. There is no health involved in health care, which is why it should be renamed Sick Care. Rather than seeing patients as people, the entire medical industry sees them as dollar signs. Medicines and money is what it is all about. Our Paleo ancestors had no need for health care, and neither would we if we ate like them.

Hunter Gatherer Diet

In what is affectionately known as the "Paleo Diet", the founders have outlined the basic foods our ancestors ate. Many particulars of the diet are disagreed on, but the basic food remains the same. Fruits and veggies that you can eat in their raw state are safe to eat. Falling into this category are berries, and most fruits and vegetables. Cooking grains, roots, tubers and beans a long time to take out the toxic elements is very unhealthy. Animal flesh, though most people today prefer to cook it, has been eaten raw by our ancestors.

Many people buy into the myth that saturated fat is bad, but it is actually very healthy. Doctor Barry Groves states this many times in his papers that can be read here and

How to Save Money on Health Care

Many people can save money on health care just by following what our ancestors ate many, many years ago. By doing this, you will avoid payday loans for health care too. Your diet free of grains can help you thrive and avoid a lot of the diseases prevalent in our society today. Far be it from me to tell you what to eat. You should know that I am losing some weight and gradually improving my health by following this way of eating. Trying this just once may convince you to eat as our primal ancestors did.

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