Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go on vacation to California

You can Plan your vacation

People often times need help planning a vacation. You initially have to decide a few things. For an example, I will show you how I planned my trip.

Budget to begin with

I first began a budget. I started my budget at two thousand dollars. That much is what we could spend. Picking out California narrowed down where we were going to go. Our trip would only consist of a week week long.

Where you will stay and how you will get there

We had to decide between driving and flying. With six people in the car, it would be cheaper to drive. We would go on a road trip for getting there. I wouldn't have to pay as much in gas. We then had to decide where to stay. The next day's activities determined what hotels we stayed in. Cheap yet nice hotels are what you would like to get.

Where you want to go

It was easier for us since we had already planned on California. We next had to choose where to go when there. The first Wednesday of every month the San Francisco Golden Gate Park is free to the public. It can be kind of busy but worthwhile if you are taking a lot of people along. Saving money is possible with this. It may take you all day to drive there. This will depend on where you live of course. Sometimes people take two days and others five hours. Relaxing on the beach may be fun for the first day. You will need to select a beach to go to. The second day we wanted to take a visit to a theme park. We would need to add this cost into the budget of course. The golden gate bridge is where we'd go our third day as well as to the free park. We would go to the San Francisco Wharf and go shopping at the pier Thursday afternoon. Alcatraz is a good idea for Friday. On Saturday we decided to go to the giant redwoods. We planned to drive home Sunday. Get all your tickets and! reservations way in advance.

Before your cash is gone

Unless you know for sure you are going, don't buy things. Use an agency if you don't know. Your protection will come from them. You should now enjoy your vacation and be safe!

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