Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hogwarts express arriving in orlando

Hang on to your sorting hats, Potterheads! A certain boy wizard could be coming soon to a theme park near you, and none other than Daniel Ratcliffe will be appearing in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday to make the announcement. The new Harry Potter experience at Universal Studios Orlando promises to be fun for muggles and magical people alike. While the details are still closely guarded, the ad hints at a dueling dragons rollercoaster as well as a Quidditch-themed ride in which visitors are whisked around Hogwart’s Castle on flying! broomsticks. The opening could be a boon to Florida tourism, an industry that has suffered greatly due to the recent recession. Family fun plus economic stimulus? I’ll raise a butterbeer to that!

If you want to review your wizarding history on the way to Orlando, it may cost you more if you decide to use a Kindle to do it. Amazon announced today that they will be raising prices for some of their e-books. The announcement comes on the heels of last week’s iPad release. Will this push people to buy Apple’s latest product?

Yesterday, Toyota finally announced that they have identified a fix for the problem that spurred the recall of millions of popular cars and caused Consumer Reports to suspend their recommended ratings for the affected vehicles. New cars will be outfitted with a redesigned gas pedal, and vehicles under recall will be retrofitted with a small metal bar to reduce excess friction. While Toyota has claimed that the problem is mechanical, there has been widespread speculation that it may have to do with a faulty Toyota sensor. Regardless of the cause, there are steps you can take to stop your car in the case of sudden unintended acceleration. Visit our sister site Autoblog for full details.

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