Monday, February 8, 2010


Come Monday, the Superbowl will be over, but not quite done

The Monday morning quarter backing still needs to take place along with all of the other post game analysis. The interviews will pretty much be wrapped up by Tuesday. There will be further discussions revolving around the antics of the fans and players after the game and some of the notable things, most likely not-so-bright things, that they do or take part in. There will still be discussions revolving around the celebratory parade for the winners. There will also be ongoing reminiscences of the perennial highlights of the game, namely the commercials, with small talk stimulated by repeat performances. And then - nothing. A void. No hype. No constant bombardment of one subject to the exclusion of almost all else. Like walking out of a very loud concert that is being held in a very small venue. The cessation of constant stimulation is almost palpable.

But wait. Not this year

The timing, the coordination, the skillful grace of it all! Just when you think it will be weeks before we will be blessed with similar hype, in the form of March Madness, comes the Olympics. Yes! We are talking almost two weeks of wall to wall coverage. Flowing seamlessly from Superbowl hype to Olympic hype. Pure genius. The networks have not lost it completely yet. Every news program will lead off with the medal count and where the USA stands. The commercials will be abundant. Heroes will rise from nowhere and former heroes will be sent to oblivion. Who knows, Google might even doodle up its logo in honor of the Olympics.

The Olympics are a Godsend for content providers and all of those Internet sites desperate to fill all of that white space. So many subjects, so many personalities, so many angles. The venues and locales, the characters and personalities, even the mascots will be visited repeatedly. There is guaranteed to be controversy, cheating as imaginative as can be and the recurring debate of whether ice skating is even a sport.

The Olympics is a championship orgy

In rapid succession, individual athletes as well as teams will be named the best in the world at what they do. No matter how esoteric their event, they get to claim world champion bragging rights. If snow golf ever becomes a sport, the victor would still be the toast of his home town even if he were overweight and as far removed from athleticism as could be. Even disappointments make for valuable fodder for the content mill. While the Bermuda bob sled team will not be coming this year, you can bet they will receive almost as much coverage as if they were in Canada, ready to try for gold again. Other’s misfortunes make for good press.

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