Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stop Snoring And Start Sleeping

Although I staunchly deny it, I am told that I’m a very loud snorer. I believe ‘chainsaw’ was the word they used to describe it. The noise doesn’t bother me, but out of courtesy I decided to research snoring and look up some possible cures.

Top Searched Snoring Cures on AOL Search:
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10. Nozovent

Snoring is a common and natural problem, but it sure is a nuisance. The irritatingly hoarse noise comes from the tissues in your throat vibrating as air flows past. The problem seems like it should be simple to control, but nose, mouth, jaw and throat deformities can make the noise worse by narrowing your airway and increasing the vibration. Snoring can also be an indicator of more serious health problems, such as sleep disorders and sleep apnea.

Simple lifestyle changes can help ease the harsh sounds of snoring. Start by trying to sleep on your side. By sleeping in this position, your tongue will stay clear of your airway and allow air to flow freely. If you can’t get used to sleeping on your side, try sewing a tennis ball in to the back of your pajamas. It will be too uncomfortable to lie on your back, so you are forced to roll to your side.

Allergies are a common culprit. When your sinuses get clogged, you are forced to breath through your mouth, which increases the likeliness of snoring. Seek allergy relief by asking your doctor for medicine and clearing your bedroom of all allergens, such as pets, dust mites and mold.

Being overweight is also a cause of snoring. Extra weight will narrow your airway and the extra tissue in your throat is more likely to vibrate as you breathe. Try and lose weight through diet and exercise to help ease your snoring symptoms.

When these lifestyle changes don’t help quiet the snoring, it is time to turn to one of the many products, drugs, surgeries or medications on the market. I was surprised to see that there are so many different snoring solutions. Take a look at our top searched list to see which remedies are most popular among AOL Search users.

A jaw or mouth abnormality may be to blame for your continued snoring. Visit your dentist and see if they can fit you with a snoring mouthpiece, number 2 on our list. The dental appliance could free up the obstruction that is causing your snoring. Likewise, nasal strips, number 7, can help dilate the nasal passage and ease snoring in patients with nasal abnormalities.

Surgery, number 4 on the list, isn’t necessary for most snorers, but it can help. A procedure called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty tightens and trims excess tissue from your throat to stop snoring, much like a face lift. Other types of surgeries use lasers, like an uvulopalatoplasty, or radiofrequency, like a somnoplasty, to remove excess tissue and shrink the soft palate.

Other products on our list include sleeping aids, medications and sprays. These snoring cures help clear up congestion so that it is easier to breath through your nose during sleep. This corrects the mouth breathing that is often to blame for snoring.

How do you stop snoring? Let us know! Search for more snoring cures here on AOL Search. For more information on snoring and tips on how to get a great night’s sleep, visit the AOL Health Sleep Center.

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