Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be Sneaky When Looking to Save Quick Cash

Everyone wants quick cash these days. The recession taught people well that relying on credit lenders most likely isn't going to pan out the way they had hoped. Though many consumers relied on credit for years to get them out of financial binds, it wasn't until the recession that people realized the true nature of lending. Lenders are in the business to make money and that means just like other businesses, they will do what it takes to avoid d! isaster and mitigate loss. When the recession brought difficult times to the market, the lending industry closed its doors to needy consumers.

Credit lenders and the market - Relying on cash

People who had cash reserves faired through the recession much better than those who didn't. Consumers who listened to older generations were validated as they had the funds needed to maintain their lifestyles without drastic changes in spending. In retrospect, analysts are once again espousing the virtues of having a good nest egg to fall back on if disaster happens.

Tips on where to find money

The lesson consumers walked away with was to once again start saving. Pre-recession experts instructed people to have three to five months of expenses stocked away for emergencies. Post-recession, experts now say that number has grow to anywhere from six to nine month's worth of cash reserves. So where should consumers come up with their extra money? It's not as difficult as it sounds to find extra money, but it does take some sneaky tricks to keep building savings. Here are some tips: ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Be Sneaky When Looking to Save Quick Cash"

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