Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding 7 Additional Cuts To Make In Your Budget

Finding places to slice corners can be a tough challenge. Here are seven unbelievably easy ways to cut out extra costs.

It can be tough to find extra places in your budget that you could cut out costs. Sure, you feel like you’ve cut out all the fat, but what if you need to save even more money? Should you have already tried to cut out all the extras, try these things to save more every day.

Eat Less Meat

A day or two each week, try taking meat out of your diet. At between $3 and $8 per pound, even reasonably priced meat cuts can add up to a big cost. If you cut out meat, you’re also cutting a big cost out of your weekly budget. You’ll also be giving yourself an chance to try out new foods and new recipes. The attraction of each meal can become the grains, the vegetables, even the fruit.

Shop With Friends

There are numerous discount clubs and bulk-purchasing stores. However, shopping at those stores can fill your storage space quickly. Instead, get a friend that is willing to split the membership fee with you – and shop together. Split the fee and the items in multiple-item packs. This way, you won’t have to store a several-year quantity of canned corn and you can still enjoy the cost savings.

Workout For Even Less

Rather than pay a gym to work out, try out a nearby community college. Enroll in a single-credit fitness class, then take advantage of the student fitness center. Beyond getting you on the habit of exercising, this could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Add Some Spice To Your Day

At most grocery stores, spices and seasonings are very expensive. The local ethnic grocery store will have spices for much less expensive than $8 an ounce. You can usually buy seasonings in bulk packages, and for less than they come at standard supermarkets. Virtual stores carry bulk packs of spices if you do not have nearby ethnic grocery stores. This is often another place to partner up with friends to share costs.

Dress Yourself Secondhand

You can find clothes that are still very fashionable at second-hand or consignment stores, even if you wear an unusual size. Try going to different areas of town or even looking at the consignment stores when you are traveling. You can also sell clothing at these stores, making extra cash with the items you no longer wear.

Locate a Union

Banks can charge you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year in fees. Interested in their bottom line, banks are beholden to their stockholders. Research credit unions as another solution. Credit unions operate instead as not-for-profit businesses, plus they are owned by their members. Credit unions save you money when you bank with them, and you can get a better rate on both credit cards and loans.

Get a Rush

It is possible to usually find rush tickets at most theaters and performance spaces. Right before a performance starts, you can sometimes get some of the less-desirable tickets for half or less of their original price. You will have to plan ahead, and accept sometimes not getting tickets, but you can see pricey shows for much less with tickets.

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