Monday, March 8, 2010

Google video mistakes in Italy cause financial crisis?

Google’s movie scandal with not so appropriate Italian Video

The world wide web as we know it, or at least Google, is in serious trouble.About three Google executives ended up being convicted Wednesday of failing to remove a video that was improper in nature. The case is inside the process of getting appealed, Benny Evangelista a Chronicle reporter quotes administrators from Mountain View Company as saying:

“if the actual verdict is permitted to remain, the Internet as we know it will cease to exist. One thing’s without a doubt that all web organizations is going to be on red alert erasing any questionable videos and screening new uploads a lot more closely.”

Its ridiculous that a online provider like Google might get criminally convicted because of video which these people did not even produce, particularly considering that here in the USA there’s freedom of speech. How doesany person infringe on the rights of other folks? It could take forever and cost hundreds of thousands to scan and approve everything uploaded on the web currently. If anything, the individual specifically who approved this movie should be under fire not thepeople who manage Google unless they knowingly approved video despite obvious objections. Somebody is going to require extra cash from a cash advance or a installment loan to fund all this difficulty.

Internet ethics examined

The movie that Google permitted to be uploaded in 2006 involved an autistic child being attacked and insulted by teenage bullies at school. This was before the now famous YouTube was available. This movie drew 5500 views in a couple of months. The boy’s dad joined with an advocate group for folks with down syndrome approached Italian a law enforcement department. Immediately after Google was informed they took down the video within two hours. The claim could be that the “video violated privacy protection laws and regulations” states Evangelista. “Google vice president as well as deputy general counsel Matt Sucherman explained that “The verdict attacks the quite principles of freedom on which the net is built,” Evangelista wrote.

Points in favor for Google

In support of Google, I’d imagine it could be quite difficult
and time consuming for the management to have any idea about such a movie within the net and I believe its crazy that these executives are being treated|dealt with|viewed} like willing participants as if they ended up the teenage bullies. “Leslie Harris, president on the Center for Democracy and Technology” stated that “The Italian court’s actions right now will surely embolden authoritarian regimes and be used to make a case for their own efforts to control Web freedom” (B.E). Now that this can of worms has been opened due to rash actions without suitable investigation by Italian officials the entire colony of cost-free civilizations is in cahoots.”

Pressure on Italy

“There are going to be lots of pressure about the Italian government to rethink this short sighted method once the Italian citizenry realizes how limiting it are going to be to only have access to government approved media,” States Jason Schultz director with the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic at UC Berkeley and Benny Evangelista. I
believe there correct about this 1, but I hope America’s officials could be discerning sufficient to see the truth in the issue with out producing false excuses for these bad decisions.

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