Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Maintain Diesel Engines

Diesel Engine Things to Know

If you own a vehicle running on diesel, you should understand some basic requirements that a diesel engine has. It is crucial that these engines have proper maintenance. Not doing so will mean that you will spend more time in a repair shop than on the road. With your vehicle in repairs all the time, your business may also be affected. Doing the following things on your own should help keep your engine in good working order.

Heat the engine

Standard engines are just a little different because the allow you to start up the automobile and hit the gas almost immediately. Diesel engines do not work this way. You’ll not want to put your foot on the pedal after starting the engine just yet. Fully warm up the engine before you get started. It may be necessary to wait a full five minutes. Your engine might seize up otherwise. Because in the cold temps during the winter, be especially sure you do this as the oil thickens faster. If you do not adequately warm up your engine, the oil viscosity will harm it. The oil should be warm and move freely before you start out on your journey.

Keep an Eye on the Diesel

Keep a close watch on the diesel levels in your fuel tank. One important thing you should always do is to never let your tank go dry. The engine can seize up from an air block within the fuel pump. If you do not know how to get started again, you’ll end up in the repair shop, wasting time and cash. Maintain decent levels of diesel your tank.

Allowing the Engine to Overheat is Not Allowed

When you are trying to drive up a steep hill too fast your engine can overheat. Required speed and proper gear use is recommended. Doing this will only expense you a few minutes of your time, but will save a lot of money. Do not continue driving if your engine is overheating. Further damage can be limited on your engine. Leave the engine on. The engine should have a while to idle before being switched off. Let the engine cool off and the steam clear first. When cool, you should be able to touch the radiator cap with bare hands. While waiting, check the temperatures often, and then fill with antifreeze.

Avail These Tips Often

The helpful tips listed above will assist you in keeping your automobile in good condition. These tips should already be habit for you if you have experience. Remember this if you’re new to diesel engines. Spending cash and time at a repair shop may be inside your future if you do not heed these tips.

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