Sunday, March 14, 2010

Payday Cash is Not the Only Concern When it Comes to Saving

Payday cash is a priority with Americans now that the recession is over. In particular, they are focused on saving money for retirement. The recession taught people that credit isn't a reliable emergency account to rely on in times of trouble. Many credit lenders closed their doors when the recession was at its height and that left consumers to fend for themselves with what little nest eggs they had.

The changing economy and investments

The result of failing credit is people want to put away cash. A recent Gallop poll showed that over 60% of Americans are more focused on saving than spending. That means that people are listening to the news about retirement funds and taking matters into their own hands. Social Security is expected to be gone in upcoming years and people will have to be prepared with their own cash reserves to manage through retirement. Though it is difficult, there are reasonable ways to save, but consumers are cautioned to be aware of things that could eat away at their hard-earned savings. Here are some things to watch for as the economy still shifts to regulate itself.

Federal income taxes

Everyone who has retirement accounts needs to know how funds will be taxed once they tap into the money. Changing rules can quickly diminish savings and leave consumers with considerably less money than they had anticipated. For any consumer who has 401k, SEP plans or IRAs, they need to be aware of the tax ramifications. Experts caution that consumers should consider putting money into tax-free vehicles like Roth IRAs and Roth 401k accounts. Tax-exempt bonds or capital assets like stocks, mutual funds and real estate are also good options that hold up well to any changes in the federal tax rate. ... click here to read the rest of the article titled "Payday Cash is Not the Only Concern When it Comes to Saving"

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