Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiger Woods and the mistress parade are joined by pictures and Devon James

On the “Bubba the Love Sponge” Florida radio program, Devon James, professional companion and porn star, FINALLY spilled all of the details of her two-and-one-half-year affair with Tiger Woods. If you were fortunate enough to be trawling for grease, you may have heard from the program on Radar Online that in 2006 Woods paid Devon James and another woman $ 2,000 for a “two-girl party.” Then there were the explicit texts, a la Tiger’s courtship of Joslyn James. CBS is on top of this mounting action, and makes people wonder whether or not women can be bursting out of the sand traps of Augusta National with even better and a lot more twisted Tiger tales.

Devon James, the things you need to have seen and done

It just seems like it would be wrong not to tell the story of the victimized porn star and escort, if for no other reason than to help her create the steady income she needs to apply for short term installment loans.

But wait… could this actually be a Tiger tale of consenting adults, one blinded by dollar signs and a taut body, the other by what appears to be an addiction? Since that is never an excuse, what Tiger might be addicted to – Medication? Sex in general? Women less attractive than his wife?- he should feel the firestorm that is criticism. Any sympathy was killed off by her convenient times, whether or not Devon James’ situation was wrong.

Tears … making typing … difficult

Devon James deserves some applause for not immediately publishing her Tiger sexts on a classy Web site. Veronica Siwik Daniels – aka Joslyn James – is just letting it fly on line a Shakespearean sonnet for the new generation – challenged. It could be exciting to get frisky in public but the desire to expose it all publicly to prove that the relationship is “hot” speaks of frigid immaturity. Tiger evidently loves them Otter Pops, and he never needs bad credit installment loans to indulge. Fame keeps the fur flying.

Devon, you didn’t do that

Oh yes she did. Her alleged texts from Tiger Woods, according to CBS, are a travel guide to all the slaps, chokes and BDSM playacting that AAA never told you about. Reports also indicate Tiger liked additional than one caddy at a time to help him out of the rough. Who would ever have known that “very sexy and playful” woman like Devon James (words taken from her online service advertisement, says The Huffington Post) would be so great at fining the green.

Tiger will golf, mistresses will try to cash in

The cashing in part, well that’s an entertainment career path. Tell your sons and daughters to not take notes. Be the good parent you are and teach them well. Tiger told the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman he was “living a lie” and was the only one responsible for the sex scandal. Devon James and her pictures are apparently just an innocent link within the chain. Hogwash, Tiger.

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