Monday, March 1, 2010

Was Excessive Interest Rates One factor In the New Your Bomb Plot?

First Hand Account of Mr Zazi in the Court Room

Terrorist plots tend to be about the rise. Mr. Najibullah Zazi plead guilty to plotting a bomb attack for a New York City subway. Pat Milton an investigative producer for CBS was in the court room obtaining special facts with regards to the
topic at hand. Zazi didn’t appear to get angry or even concerned while in court, but he truly wore an air of confidence and respectability at least reported by Mr. Milton of CBS.

An not so well thought out plan of terror snuffed out

Mr Najibullah Zazi intended to memorialize the September 11th attack by blowing up many Americans in it’s subway stations. Obviously this course of action was certain to fail, mainly because in the extra attention reserved for this terrible day in this history authorities would definitely be on guard. Didn’t they teach them this in terrorist higher education? Otherwise they will from this point forward. Most like Zazi perhaps may be against Western fiscal policies that permit high interest rate loans like bad credit loans and bad credit payday loans, auto loans, mortgages and many others.

Martyrdom versus Suicide Bomber’s

I assume the Al Qaeda preparation camps perhaps may be extra focused on brawn as opposed to brains and good sense, simply because this individual isn’t the sharpest tool during the shed obviously, by this failed try to earn a place in heaven. Zazi believed wholeheartedly that by sacrificing himself to this cause would in fact save quite a few extra than would basically die. It’s difficult to ridicule somebody who has known nothing else except of the false propaganda which is so readily crammed down quite a few Easterner’s throats. Zazi has touched a soft spot in my heart since he is so gullible and truly only wanted for being accepted in the only world he knows, but to shed innocent lives? Come on! Each individual knows that that’s the incorrect action to take regardless of what country you reside in.

Howdy Afghanistan yours really Zazi.

Now Zazi desired to bring attention to Afghanistan. I guess he’s definitely not much of a news person since that’s all you pretty much hear with reference to on television these days, and yes in every single country this is true. Zazi wanted for being loved and to belong somewhere. Now he can spend the rest of his life alone and reside very away from any loved ones or support. I cannot say that I hate the man because he was doing what he really considered was righteous and true. I genuinely hope that he learns some lessons even though inside American system that could impact him in a good way. This aspiration of mine is probably unlikely, because although still in America the prisons will sadly reinforce the disgust most Easterner’s already have for the US. Unless Zazi finds some from the great flock amongst inmates, I fear his life might be doomed to keep hold of an unforgiving heart.

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